Metaphysician, Sufi Spiritual Healing Facilitator | Aisha Abdul Rahman,
Spiritual Healing insights, reflections and musings from Metaphysician and Sufi Healer Aisha Abdul Rahman
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Peace & Blessings Beloveds, I am your sister, Aisha Abdul Rahman. I am a Metaphysican and Sufi Healing Facilitator. A Metaphysician is a practitioner of the spiritual self while a Sufi Healer is a healer of hearts. As a Sufi Healer I am able to assist you with the healing of many spiritual diseases such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Negative Thinking
  • Anger
  • Hopelessness

Most times we experience physical symptoms for illnesses that are deep routed in our hearts and souls. We forget that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies and thus most times we are only treating the symptoms rather than the true illnesses that we have. 

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The Seekers Journey

The Seekers Journey is a series of Guides Books, created to provide direction for the seeker upon his or her spiritual journey.


Seekers Journey halaqah's take place once a month, online via Google Hangout. They are first come first serve, and limited to 20 guest. Each month a new spiritual topic is discussed and taught.

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Seekers Journey workshops are online, self-paced workshops that assist the seeker in their walking through the use of the journey guidebooks, as well as guided audios, and video tutorials.

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Seekers Journey retreats take place twice a year. The retreats provide an opportunity for seekers to come together and practice spiritual practice, remembrance and seclusion within a tranquil setting.

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Seekers Journey LIVE events are available throughout the year, around the world. Live events are in person, hands on workshops that take place at local places of worship, community centers, and education facilitates.

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A Little About Art Journaling

Art, literally saves lives everyday.  The process of creative, spiritual expression is more than words can explain.

A Art journaling is the process of taking one’s ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions and placing them on any surface, be it paper,fabric, plaster, canvas, or a wall. The traditional form of journal writing consist of words, while art journaling includes words, texture, images, color, paint and so much more.

The Seekers Journey Guidebooks incorporate the process of expressive art therapy and art journaling in a way that not only guides cognitive thought process, but allows the freedom of the heart to be expressed in ways it is unable to do so in other circumstances. Art journaling is a method that can be used to give one’s heart a voice, allowing it to express itself in an unlimited amount of ways.

Traditionally when one journals words are used to express how one feels, however often times we are unable to find the right words or phrases to express how we feel, but are able to do so with images, or color, or texture. Ar journaling also allows a highly intuitive process of creating that is meditative like. Intuitive art allows one to enjoy the process of creation, the zone and level of consciousness, rather than a focus on outcome of the art itself.

September Journal Prompts

If you had the attention of everyone in the world, what would you tell them ? What would be your one big announcement ?


What are three things you would do, if you were not so afraid of doing them, and why?


What is the one thing, you are most proud of?

Hurdles Are Stepping Stones

What is your current, most biggest challenge right now?

Good Advice

What is the best advice you have ever been given and why?

Self Love

What are some things that you love about your self?



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