Dr. A’isha L Abdul Rahman, MLIS. PhD.
Archivist, Genealogist, Transpersonal Psychologist

Creating & Preserving Black History & Heritage!

My name is Dr. A’isha La’Don Abdul Rahman, an experienced archivist with over 20 years of expertise in genealogy research, transpersonal psychology, and instructional design.

Mission: To empower individuals and institutions in the preservation and celebration of Black heritage, arts, and culture through innovative and holistic approaches.

Vision: To create a legacy of preservation that honors the rich history and culture of African American and West African communities, utilizing the latest technologies to ensure these stories are accessible for generations to come.

I work with organizations, institutions, and individuals who are seeking innovative methods to explore, preserve, and celebrate Black heritage. Through my nonprofit, Legacy Builders & Empowerment Inc., I support GLAMs (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums) with VR, AR, and AI technologies to enhance access and engagement. In my for-profit business, Legacy Planning & Preservation Ltd., I assist individuals with personal archival records and legacy planning, ensuring their personal histories are preserved and cherished.

What sets me apart is not only my extensive personal experience with genealogical and heritage research but also my innovative approach that incorporates today’s latest technologies to make history come alive.

Join me on a journey to preserve and celebrate our rich heritage, ensuring that the stories of the past inspire and inform future generations.

Discover Innovative Solutions for Heritage Preservation

Are you looking for ways to enhance visitor experiences, increase access and engagement, or preserve and present Black history and heritage? Learn how virtual reality can bridge the gap between the past, present, and future, offering unparalleled connections to our roots.

Book a free consultation with Archivist & Genealogist Dr. A’isha La’Don Abdul Rahman to explore innovative approaches to African American genealogical research, digital heritage collection management, preservation, and virtual exhibition development.

African American Family Photos

Reclaiming our legacy, fostering empowerment,
and healing of intergenerational trauma.



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