Aisha La'Don Abdul Rahman and President Julius Maada Bio
Aisha La'Don Abdul Rahman and President Julius Maada Bio

Dr. A’isha La’Don Abdul Rahman, M.L.I.S, Ph.D
Archivist, Genealogist, Author & Heritage Traveler

Dr. Aisha Abdul Rahman is an Archivist and Consultant, founder of Legacy Builders & Empowerment Inc. owner of Legacy Planning & Preservation LTD. Aisha specializes in the preservation, increase, and accessibility of Black Culture and Heritage, including artifacts, records, and documents that facilitate the reconnection of the African Diaspora to its roots through genealogical research.

Aisha is also known for being many of the first to obtain Sierra Leone citizenship through Genetic Genealogical testing with African Ancestry; traveling to Sierra Leone, with African Ancestry, and participating in the second citizenship workshop and ceremony given by President Bio.

Interviews: Segments where I discuss my professional experiences and insights.

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Conferences and Talks: Presentations or speeches I’ve given at industry events.

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