Reclaiming History:
Collaborating to Empower African American Heritage, Exploration & Connection to Africa.

African Americans often find themselves disconnected from their ancestral roots, predominantly due to historical narratives that disproportionately focus on the era of slavery. This disconnect creates a yearning within our community to reconnect with our heritage, yet many of us encounter obstacles, such as a lack of knowledge about African countries and cultures. I firmly believe that knowledge is the key to empowerment. By encouraging African Americans to embark on journeys to Africa and delve into research about their history and roots, we can reclaim and celebrate our rich heritage.

Through this process of exploration and discovery, we can deepen our understanding of our identity and cultural legacy, fostering greater unity and empowerment within the African diaspora. I aim to collaborate with brands that share this vision, working together to promote initiatives that empower African Americans to undertake this transformative journey of self-discovery and cultural exploration.


What I Bring to the Table:


Content Creation: I specialize in crafting immersive experiences through stunning photography and engaging videos that showcase destinations, cultures, and experiences in their true essence.

Whether it’s creating visually striking imagery for marketing campaigns, producing captivating videos for product launches, or curating content for heritage-related initiatives, I leverage my photography, videography, graphic, and or web design skills to deliver impactful storytelling.

Instructional Design: I specialize in developing effective educational materials and learning experiences, ensuring they are engaging, accessible, and aligned with learning objectives.



Project Management: I bring a results-driven approach, meticulous attention to detail, and a proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget. With strong organizational skills and effective communication, I streamline workflows, set clear objectives, and prioritize tasks to ensure successful project outcomes. My ability to mitigate risks, adapt to changing requirements, and foster collaboration among team members enables me to drive efficiency and achieve project goals effectively.

Subject Matter Expertise: With a deep understanding of West African and African American heritage. I provide valuable insights and guidance on best practices, emerging trends, and innovative approaches.

I bring authenticity and cultural sensitivity to projects related to heritage travel & preservation, ensuring that stories are respectfully portrayed and celebrated.

Let’s Collaborate!

Whether you’re looking to showcase your brand’s unique story, celebrate cultural heritage, or engage audiences through immersive visual experiences, I’m here to help. Let’s join forces to create impactful content, drive engagement, and inspire audiences around the world.

Ready to embark on a collaborative journey?
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