A dedicated educator with a passion for guiding and inspiring others to achieve their goals. With years of experience in various fields, I’ve played roles ranging from a homeschooling parent to a leader, mentor, and teacher. I take pride in being a trailblazer in my family, being the first-generation college graduate, and the first to return to the African continent to reclaim my rightful citizenship.

I firmly believe in leading by example and fostering a learning environment that caters to diverse learning styles and multiple intelligences. As a self-directed autodidact, I’ve explored various languages, including Spanish, French, Arabic, and Sierra Leone Krio, which has enriched my understanding of the learning process.

Instructional Design Expertise:

My background in curriculum development and instructional design and experience in staff training and development for online instructors using platforms like Moodle, WordPress, and LearnDash have equipped me with valuable skills to create effective and engaging learning experiences.

Some Courses I Offer:

  • Designing Browser-Based VR for Educational and Cultural Exhibitions
  • Implementing VR Solutions in Gallery and Museum Settings
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusion in Heritage Programming
  • Project Management for Digital Transformation Projects in GLAMs

Get in Touch

Whether you’re an organization seeking or institution looking to enhance your team or students skills, I’m here to support their learning journey. Feel free to reach out, and let’s embark on this educational adventure together