Aisha Abdul Rahman

Archivsit & Genealogist

Heritage Preservation Specialist




Phi Kappa Phi:


  • Digital Archiving and Preservation
  • Collection Management (Omeka)
  • Metadata Standards (Dublin Core, MARC)
  • EAD XML Finding Aid Creation
  • Alma Cloud-based LMS
  • Exhibit Curation (Virtual and Physical)
  • Social Media Marketing (Convert Kit)
  • Instructional Design (Learndash, Moodle)
  • Project Management (Asana, ClickUp)
  • Database Design/ Management (Airtable)
  • Graphic Design (Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Video Editing (Adobe Premier)
  • Web Design (HTML, CSS, WordPress, Thrivecart, Wocommerce)
  • Virtual Reality Content Creation ( Second Life &



Sojourner Truth African Heritage Museum, Sacramento, CA | August 2023-Current



As an Archives at the Sojourner Truth African Heritage Museum, I play a pivotal role in preserving, organizing, and promoting the rich cultural heritage and history of African Americans. With a deep commitment to preserving the stories, artifacts, and documents that define our community’s legacy, I leverage my MLIS expertise and passion for heritage preservation to curate and manage the museum’s archives. My work extends beyond traditional boundaries, incorporating immersive technologies to create engaging and educational experiences for visitors and learners. I am dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of African American history and culture through innovative archival practices and immersive storytelling. My responsibilities included the following:


  • Develop and implement best practices for the preservation of historical documents, photographs, artifacts, and other valuable materials.
  • Develop archival digitization program, and implement processes and workflows for digitization and preservation. 
  • Ensure the proper storage, handling, and cataloging of archival items to maintain their integrity and longevity.
  • Curate and manage the museum’s archival collection, including cataloging, accessioning, and maintaining accurate records.
  • Assess and prioritize items for inclusion in the collection, considering their historical significance and educational value.
  • Conduct thorough research to provide context and historical background for archived materials and exhibits.
  • Create and maintain cataloging records and workflows.
  • Create detailed documentation, finding aids, and metadata to facilitate access and retrieval of archival items. Conduct research across various types of artifacts for descriptive metadata
  • Oversee the digitization of archival materials to enhance accessibility and preservation.
  • Maintain digital archives and online databases, ensuring they are user-friendly and up-to-date.
  • Explore and implement immersive technologies, such as AR/VR/XR, to enhance visitor experiences and educational initiatives.
  • Develop and curate virtual reality experiences that immerse visitors in African American history and culture.
  • Maintain comprehensive records of archival activities, including acquisitions, loans, and conservation efforts.
  • Prepare reports and documentation for grant applications and funding opportunities.


One of my additional key responsibilities is training docents on digitization and cataloging practices to ensure the effective management of the museum’s archival collections. Through hands-on workshops and tailored training sessions, I equip docents with the skills and knowledge needed to digitize archival materials and accurately catalog them using established standards and protocols. By providing comprehensive training, I empower docents to contribute to the preservation and accessibility of the museum’s collections, fostering a deeper understanding of African American history and culture among visitors.


In addition to in-person training sessions, I have developed training manuals and video tutorials to serve as valuable resources for docents. These materials provide step-by-step guidance on digitization and cataloging processes, allowing docents to reference and reinforce their learning at their own pace. By producing training manuals and video tutorials, I have enhanced the effectiveness of our training initiatives, ensuring consistent and standardized practices across the museum’s operations.


Through my efforts in training docents on digitization and cataloging and producing training materials, I have strengthened the museum’s capacity to preserve and share African American heritage. By empowering docents with the necessary skills and resources, I have contributed to the museum’s mission of fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of African American history and culture.


Dr. Anthony Chow, Director of SJSU iSchool San Jose, CA August 2023-December 2023



As a student intern under the mentorship of Dr. Anthony Chow, Director of SJSU iSchool, I actively contributed to the VR initiative, focusing on the design and development of immersive VR spaces within Mozilla Hubs. “According to the American Library Association, virtual reality is an important current and future trend Collaborating closely with the team, I engaged in the creation of case studies highlighting the application of Mozilla Hubs in educational settings, which included the 2023 Banned Books Virtual Exhibition. This initiative aligned with Dr. Chow’s expertise in usability/UX and web design, technology integration, informatics and analytics, leadership and management, online learning, advocacy, and systems thinking with a focus on EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) and underserved populations. My responsibilities included the following:


  • Collaborate with Dr. Chow and the team to create storyboards for VR experiences, ensuring alignment with educational goals.
  • Design and develop immersive VR spaces within Mozilla Hubs, integrating usability and user experience principles.
  • Document the development process and outcomes of VR initiatives, creating comprehensive case studies.
  • Prepare reports and presentations to showcase the impact and potential of VR in education.
  • Contribute to various VR projects, including “Northern Cheyenne Seeking Immortality,” “ALA Unite Against Banned Books,” and the “SJSU LTI Lab.”

RootedStorytelling, Tunisia | April 2023- December 2023



As a freelance contractor for Rooted Storytelling, I served as the Digital Asset Manager and Instructional Designer, contributing to the development of online courses tailored for professionals in the tourism industry and travel content creators. My multifaceted role encompassed instructional design within WordPress and LearnDash, strategic planning, SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) development, training tutorials, system development, and management of email sales funnels using ConvertKit. Additionally, I oversaw checkout e-commerce systems such as Thrive Cart to enhance the learning experience and drive engagement. My responsibilities included the following:


  • Collaborate in the design and development of online courses using WordPress and LearnDash to create engaging and effective learning experiences.
  • Develop strategic plans to align educational initiatives with organizational goals and learner outcomes.
  • Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), training tutorials, and guides to support course participants.
  • Manage and optimize email sales funnels using ConvertKit to enhance communication with course participants.
  • Oversee e-commerce systems, including Thrive Cart, for streamlined course enrollment and engagement.


The Atrium, Sacramento.Shop Project, Sacramento, CA | Oct-Dec 2020


During my tenure at The Atrium in Sacramento, I served as an Onboarding Specialist and Collection Management team member from October to December 2020. In this role, I was responsible for supervising and hiring photographers tasked with capturing images of artwork for an e-commerce platform developed to support local artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. My responsibilities included the following: 


  • Curated artists/artwork for an online marketplace, supporting sales during COVID-19.
  • Managed contract photographers and oversaw editorial and product photography.
  • Conducted collection management and cataloging.
  • Provided onboarding and training for artists in the online marketplace.
  • Edited artists’ photography using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Managed artists’ online marketplace shops with Shopify.


With a grant from the city of Sacramento, we created Sacramento.Shop, an online marketplace for makers to sell their wares during the 2020 closures. Over 40 makers were set up with an online store that generated thousands of dollars of revenue for creatives. 


My responsibilities also included managing contract photographers, overseeing editorial and product photography, conducting collection management and cataloging, providing onboarding and training for artists in the online marketplace, as well as editing artists’ photography using Adobe Photoshop. 


My experience has equipped me with the skills necessary to effectively lead and manage teams in diverse organizational settings. Notably, during my time at The Atrium, I worked with a creative community where 72% of our creatives were women and 42% were from underserved communities, underscoring my commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.


As part of the Sacramento.Shop Project team, I assisted in curating artists and artwork for the online marketplace, ensuring a diverse and engaging selection of products for customers. This involved reviewing submissions, selecting artists whose work aligned with the project’s goals, and coordinating with vendors to onboard them onto the platform.

I was responsible for managing the onboarding process for artists and artisans participating in the Sacramento.Shop Project. This included providing guidance and support to vendors as they set up their online shops, assisting with product listings and descriptions, and ensuring compliance with platform guidelines and standards.


I managed contract photographers and oversaw editorial and product photography for Sacramento.Shop Project. This involved coordinating photo shoots, providing direction to photographers, and ensuring that high-quality images were captured to showcase vendors’ products effectively.


In addition to onboarding vendors, I was tasked with overseeing collection management and cataloging for Sacramento.Shop Project. This included maintaining accurate records of inventory, organizing product listings, and ensuring that products were categorized and tagged appropriately for easy navigation on the online marketplace.


I provided onboarding and training for artists participating in the Sacramento.Shop Project, guiding them through the process of setting up their online shops and maximizing their visibility and sales potential. This involved developing training materials, conducting one-on-one sessions with vendors, and offering ongoing support and assistance as needed.


I provided support to vendors and customers participating in the Sacramento. Shop Project, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring a positive experience for all stakeholders. This involved responding to emails, messages, and inquiries in a timely and professional manner and proactively seeking solutions to any challenge.