Archivist, Black Heritage Preservation Specialist

A’isha L. Abdul Rahman, M.L.I.S. Ph.D

With the use of the latest technology and my natural talents as a visionary, I offer digital archives and collection management services, in addition to consultation, and strategic planning in the design and development of historical and genealogical programming and innovative exhibitions in galleries, libraries, archives, and museums.

My intersection of technology, culture, and traditional archival records management makes me unique among my peers. My technical expertise along with a background is not something that everyone can provide.

Aisha Abdul Rahman, Second Life Avatar

Digital & Virtual Archives & Collection Management Services :

  • Digitization: Converting physical archives and collections into digital formats, including documents, artworks, photographs, and audiovisual materials.
  • Digital & Virtual Curation and Cataloging: Organizing and classifying digital collections to enhance discoverability and usability, including metadata creation and taxonomy development.
  • Digital & Virtual Asset Management: Designing and deploying systems to store, manage, and share digital collections efficiently.
  • Access and Use Policies: Developing guidelines for the ethical and legal use of digital collections, ensuring compliance with copyright laws and privacy regulations.
  • Virtual Archive Management: ¬†Managing and preserving virtual collections, optimizing user experience, and providing comprehensive access and support services within immersive digital environments.
  • Virtual Community Manager/Librarian: curation of virtual collections, dynamic reference desk support, enhance digital literacy, organize and facilitate engaging virtual programming, manage collections, and provide technical support to foster vibrant virtual communities.

Consultation & Strategic Planning :

  • Strategic Planning for Virtual Access & Engagement: Develop comprehensive strategies to enhance online engagement and access through innovative digital tools for cultural institutions.
  • Developing Equitable Access Content Strategies for Diverse Audiences: Craft content strategies focused on inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring digital resources meet the needs of diverse audiences.
  • Technology Integration in Traditional Archival Practices: Integrate cutting-edge technologies with traditional archival methods to improve preservation and access to historical collections.
  • Training and Support: Providing training for GLAM staff on managing digital collections, including the use of specific software and best practices in digital archiving.
  • Disaster Recovery and Risk Management: Planning and implementing strategies to protect digital collections from potential threats, including cyber-attacks and physical disasters.
  • Sustainability Planning: Advising on sustainable practices in digital archiving, including energy-efficient data storage and green computing solutions.