A’isha Abdul Rahman, MLIS, Ph.D.

Archivist & Genealogist, Black Heritage Preservation Specialist

A’isha La’Don Abdul Rahman is an impassioned advocate for heritage preservation and a visionary entrepreneur, known as the driving force behind Legacy Builders & Empowerment Inc. and Legacy Preservation & Planning  Aisha’s journey unfolds as a testament to her dedication to preserving the past while shaping a future brimming with purpose.Aisha’s journey unfolds as a testament to her dedication to preserving the past while shaping a future brimming with purpose.

A visionary committed to the art of living and leaving a legacy,

Aisha is at the forefront of shaping narratives that resonate through time.

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Aisha has pioneered a digital realm where African and African-American heritage art galleries, libraries, and museums converge. In these digital sanctuaries, heritage is celebrated, and stories are woven together to create a living tapestry of cultural significance.

Aisha’s virtual initiatives have redefined the museum experience, offering a new lens through which to explore history and heritage. The Second Life exhibitions curated by Legacy Designs Studio Inc. are a testament to Aisha’s dedication to bridging gaps, rekindling connections, and preserving legacies through innovative mediums.

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With a deep passion for heritage preservation and a profound understanding of financial planning, Aisha offers invaluable consultation services that bridge the gap between the past and the future.

At the helm of Legacy Preservation & Planning, Aisha assumes a dual role as owner and embodiment of purpose. Guiding families and individuals, she facilitates legacy preservation through cherished family artifacts and documents.

Recognizing the importance of safeguarding your loved ones’ financial security, Aisha empowers you to make informed decisions about the planning of life insurance and annuities. that protect your family’s future, ensuring that your legacy extends beyond the tangible.

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The Manifest Your Brilliance podcast is where Aisha explores the vibrant world of arts, culture, and heritage. Join in as she delves into the transformative power of immersive technologies and creative expression.

From thought-provoking discussions with artists and cultural enthusiasts to explorations of heritage preservation and the impact of art on society, the Manifest Your Brilliance podcast is your gateway to the rich tapestry of human creativity.

Tune in for inspiring stories, insightful conversations, and a deeper connection to the arts, culture, and heritage that shape our world.

“Wells must be dug today to quench the thirst of tomorrow.” – Fulani Proverb

In honor and dedication to my maternal grandmother Gloria La’Don, my paternal grandmother Nerissa Dixon

my children Khalil Ibrahim, Elijah Juanye, and  Jzahne La’Don,
and my grandchildren,
Ayah Marie La’Don, Zaynab Ahsia Leone, Kairo Xarie, and Zahki Jave’

I pray that the legacy I live and leave is one of knowledge and wisdom, one that benefits and impacts the lives of you, your children, and their children; inshallah. Ameen.