What Is The Point of Getting An African Ancestry DNA Test

One of the biggest questions that one may ask about African Ancestry DNA testing is why what is the point? There are many benefits to taking an African Ancestry DNA test in addition to discovering one’s ethnic background and home country. That is really only the beginning.

One of the biggest questions I get about my test results is now what. Now that you know, what can you really do with this information? In this video, I share several benefits and reasons as to point of getting an African Ancestry DNA test.

Now that you have your DNA Results, what can you actually do with them? What is the purpose or benefit? Are you going to pick up and move to Africa now? These are some of the questions I get, with much attitude and reservation I may add. It is almost like some Americans of African descent are threatened or insulted by others’ need and desire to reconnect to Africa. If you are considering or wondering why anyone would want to take spend over $200 to take an African Ancestry DNA test, then this video is for you.