What to do during your visit to Elmina, Ghana

During my trip to Ghana in 2021. I spent about a month in between Elmina & Cape Coast. I had an absolutely amazing experience, a very different contrast to the hustle and bustle in Accra, Ghana. To fall asleep and wake up each morning to the sound of the ocean, eating fresh food every single day, literally connecting to the land placing my feet in the sand, and on the steps of Elmina and Cape Coast Castle where our ancestors were once enslaved was a transforming experience of a lifetime. I came back feeling empowered, healed, and even more proud of who I am and where I am actually, truly from.

During your visit to Ghana, you won’t want to miss the beautiful city of Elmina. Elmina is a quiet city off the coast. Oceanfront views, fishing villages, and walks along the red sands; you wouldn’t want to miss all the beautiful things to do in Elmina, Ghana